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this product will ship within 1-3 days of ordering as long as we have the stock. If our stock does not meet the quantity you order, it will ship out in 1-2 weeks. 

We now offer Beta Biothane by the foot. This is perfect if you have a small craft project, or want to experiment with different colors or widths. We will cut the amount of biothane by the quantity you order. For example if you order a quantity of 1 you will get 1 foot of material, if you order a quantity of 4 you will get 4 feet of material all in a single 4 foot strip. You can order a max of 20 feet of material at a time. Please reach out if you believe you will need more than this. 

Biothane is similar in feel to leather, but is proven to be stronger, is water proof, washable, and stink proof. It holds flexibility in cold weather and is resistant to UV damage. 

Beta standard biothane is about 0.1000" thick and has a a 1,000 lb break strength per 1" width (1/2" webbing has a break strength of 500 lbs).

Standard Beta Biothane by the Foot

PriceFrom $1.20
Excluding Sales Tax
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