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This is a variation of my other muzzle but with smaller gaps in the front between the biothane. This specific muzzle is meant for dogs who are determined scavengers, or you want the extra protection from less gaping in the front. Unlike my other muzzle variation, there is no moveable nose pieces on this muzzle. In addition the front section is made with wider biothane to allow for less gaps around the nose and chin while still leaving enough gaps to allow for airflow and drinking water. It has all the same features as the other muzzles with the adjustable side, forehead, and neck straps.


Measurements needed: 
A (snout circumference w/toy):

B (snout length):

C (eyes to behind ears):

D (circumference of neck):

*** Please read through personalization and provide to me all the measurements. There is where you will let me know what other color/colors you would like on your muzzle.

 ***If the muzzle you get does not properly fit your dog, or needs to be adjusted I am happy to take it back and do some adjustments free of charge. I always want the end result to be a properly fitting muzzle, and will do any adjustments needed to get to that result.


***The final look of your muzzle might vary from those in the picture. Different nose shapes require slight adjustments in the end style of the muzzle.


***Also please note that biothane muzzles like this are not 100% bite proof. A determined dog can still potentially bite through this muzzle, so if your dog is a known bite risk this is not the muzzle for you.

Biothane Scavenger Muzzle

PriceFrom $50.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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