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Listing for our side release patterned collars. These collars are printed on white beta biothane. The collars will come with the print on one side of the biothane, and you will see the white biothane on the other side of the collar.


These prints are made with UV printed biothane which allows them to be extremely durable, and no risk of the pattern cracking or chipping off. Please go through the drop box folder to pick your pattern as we have over 350 to choose from! Write below which pattern you would like, and then pick from the drop down to choose your side color.  


Please note these straps are special ordered and may take up to 4 weeks to get any printed biothane product out in the mail for delivery.


Collar sizing


SMALL: 8"-15"

MEDIUM: 14"-21"

LARGE: 20"-27"

1” patterned Biothane Side Release Collar

PriceFrom $24.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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