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This is a wide collar made out of Biothane which is a smell proof, washable, and water resistant material with a similar feel and texture to leather. Each of these collars are made with a base material of 1.5" wide On each side of the collar there is a smaller 1" wide material.


This is a buckle collar. the 1.5" strip will be your primary color, and the 1" wide strips on each side will be your second color choice, these 1" wide strips are only on the sides. The collar can be made with either silver or black hardware. 


Collar Sizes:

Small: 12.5"-15"

Medium: 15.5"-18"

Large: 17"-20"

X-Large: 19.5"-22"

2XL: 23"-26"

1.5” Wide Tapered Collar

PriceFrom $22.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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