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Welcome to BioDogDesigns and Training LLC! 


Hannah Ellis, Owner

Dog Trainer, Gear Maker

Hi there, I'm Hannah! BioDogDesigns started in 2021 in my living room, and since then, I've expanded to have this online storefront, plus my own studio! I've been a Professional Dog Trainer since 2018, working throughout Connecticut, and decided to merge the two businesses together. Here you can visit my store, and book online or in-person training sessions!

I began my dog training journey in high school raising German Shepherds for the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. This gave me a great introduction to the service dog community and basic obedience/socialization/house manners skills. I went on to college earning an associates degree in Animal Science and an undergraduate degree in Natural Resources and the Environment. During this time I switched to raising guide dogs for Guiding eyes for the Blind, which I continue to do to this day!


 At this time I am currently working at two different training centers located in Connecticut; allowing me to focus on basic obedience skills, service dog tasks, sport and trick training, and reactivity/focus training. In my dog training work I have an understanding that each dog is unique and needs their own personalized training plan following the “one style does not fit all”. We can tailor private lessons to you and your specific dog's needs! I am able to meet for private lessons at your residence or out in public areas. 

As of March 2024 I am a certified assistance dog trainer through Atlas Assistance Dogs. With this certification I am excited to provide quality service dog training for you and your pup. I am certified in scent detection, mobility, psychiatric, medical alert, autism, and much more. Please reach out if you have any questions about the training we offer. We are alos able to test for all levels of CGC and trick dog levels. 

                                                               Training Services

Consultation/Private for pet dogs 90 min ($135)

Consultation to go over current skills of the dog, what skills you would like to teach your dog, and an overall behavior plan to modify any behavior issues that your dog is showing. 

This consultation is appropriate for dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments. 

***note dogs with severe aggression or behavior issues may be referred to a different trainer at the end of the consultation. All info gathered here will be sent over to the new trainer of your choice, but I will provide recommendations at the end of the consultation.  


Pet Dog Private Lesson 60 min ($115)

Each lesson will be tailored to each specific dog. Privates can be in home or out in the real world. During these privates new obedience skills can be introduced, or we can work on a number of behavioral or training issues that you are facing with your pup. 


Train with Friends Packages

One individual private lesson 60 min ($115)

Train with one additional friend 60 min ($85)

Train with two additional friends 60 min ($75)

Train with three additional friends 60 min ($65)

This group style training session will allow you to save some money on your private sessions with the added benefit of training around additional people and dog distractions. Great way to include your friends and their dogs in the training process. I will only allow compatible dogs together. We can train in a variety of locations including out in public, fields, individual homes, and more. 


Virtual Lessons 30 min ($50), 60 min ($80)

This is an easy way to get some feedback on your training or behavioral needs from the comfort of your home. Prior to your scheduled lesson please send me 3-5 videos of your dog demonstrating the behavior you are trying to change, or of the training difficulties you are having. We will then spend time going through these videos one by one so I can instruct you on what you are doing well, and what needs to be changed. 


Foundations Package ($475)

Our foundation's package is a great stepping stone for a future service dog or overall well mannered and well behaved dog. Each private session we will go over a set number of skills, introduce you to the skill, and how to teach your dog. At the beginning of the next private we will review what you learned the previous time to ensure good mechanics and proper growth of the skill before introducing new behaviors. In this package your dog will be introduced to: name, sit, down, come, leave it, heel, loose leash walking, stay, wait, bathroom on cue, taking treats gently, polite greetings, focus/attention games. 

Private 1: name, attention games, potty on cue, sit, down

Private 2: come, leave it, loose leash walking, taking treats gently

Private 3: heel, stay, wait, polite greetings

Private 4: review session, questions are answered, troubleshooting any issues, going over all the cues

The four private sessions must be completed within 6 weeks of the initial private. 

Any privates after this to work on any of these behaviors will be scheduled and paid for one at a time. 

CGC, CGCU, CGCA, trick dog testing available CGC/Trick dog ($20), CGCU/A ($25)

All level CGC/Trick dog prep 60 min ($80)

  • this does not include the test at the end, that must be purchased separately




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